“Your organization and attention to detail allowed us to focus on each other rather than all of the little details.”

1. What are the benefits of working with a wedding planner?

Although difficult to articulate the value of a good wedding planner in a few sentences, the role that a planner plays in a wedding is similar to that of an architect and project manager in building a house.  Like an architect, a planner determines the clients’ specific needs and then works with the client to make their vision come to fruition.

Considering all of the pertinent factors and issues from the start, a comprehensive blueprint will be sketched out, saving clients’ valuable time and money.  Like a good project manager, the wedding planner selects the best vendors for each job, and then more importantly, manages them carefully to ensure they deliver the exact service agreed upon.  Most couples never consider building a new house on their own. Instead they rely on a professional who brings experience, resources and expertise.  Weddings, although smaller in scope than home building, are extremely complex to manage and have a lot at stake financially and emotionally.  Just like building a home, the downside of making a mistake is significant.  This is why over and over again, our clients call us their “best wedding investment”.

2. How does DreamGroup set its fees?

There are a number of factors we take into consideration when determining our fees.  Some of these factors include: event size, whether the wedding is a local or destination wedding, whether the ceremony and reception is being held at the same venue or in separate venues, whether the client lives locally or is planning from abroad, how many hours of set up and tear down will be required in the days leading up to and following the wedding, and finally, the overall logistics of the project.  DreamGroup Productions’ fees are determined on an individual basis and we offer a complimentary consultation to all our prospective clients so that we may better understand what services you will require of us throughout your planning journey.

It is important to recognize that working with a wedding planner is a luxury, but one that pays for itself time and time again by ensuring that you are receiving the best value for your money from your wedding vendors, that you are spending money in a way that will maximize the potential of your working budget, not to mention the time and energy that will be saved by eliminating the need to interview umpteen potential vendors in your search for one that fits your style, budget, and date availability.  A 50% deposit is required when the contract is signed, and the balance is due four weeks prior to the wedding day.

3. How long have you been in business?

We have officially been operating as a special event and wedding planning company since the summer of 2004, although our experience with the world of weddings first began in 1999 (see “meet the planners” for more detailed background information).  Because there are so many variables in this business, experience becomes your most powerful tool in planning a flawless and beautifully orchestrated event.

4. What if we’ve already started on some of the planning and/or hired some or all of our vendors?  Can we still hire a planner to assist us in pulling together all the pieces of the puzzle and keep us on track leading up to and including the wedding day?

Yes, we’ll start where you left off in the planning process.  Although we prefer to work with the vendors we trust and work with regularly, we would certainly be open to working with vendors of your choice.  We have actually met some of our most beloved and trusted vendors through client connections!  With that said, there are many benefits to using the vendors we already know and recommend.  When the vendors are familiar with how DreamGroup operates, they know what to expect from our end, therefore creating a smoother flow in communication throughout the planning process and on the wedding day itself.

5. Can DreamGroup plan ethnic weddings?

We absolutely love to plan ethnic weddings!  Weddings are a perfect opportunity to pay respect to and celebrate a couple’s family and its traditions.  It is especially exciting when a couple from two different ethnic backgrounds are coming together, allowing us to interweave aspects of both cultures into the wedding ceremony and reception.  It makes for a most unique and personal wedding.

6. Can working with a planner really save me money?

Most definitely!  A reputable planner will direct you to vendors that will provide you with the best value for the job and assist you in avoiding unnecessary spending.  In addition, chances are they have worked with these vendors on a regular basis for quite some time and have earned a very special type of respect and quality of service that cannot be guaranteed by going through other planning means.

7. What’s the shortest amount of time in which you have successfully arranged a wedding?

Ideally, at least 3-6 months is desired to coordinate a wedding that meets your expectations and does not leave the client overwhelmed, but we have planned a wedding in as little as six weeks!  We usually team up with our clients between six and 12 months prior to their desired or established wedding date.

8. Does DreamGroup Productions accept referral fees or “kickbacks” from vendors?

DreamGroup does not accept referral fees from any vendors at any time.  In the event that we are offered a referral fee we respectfully decline the offer and ask if this “kickback” might be forwarded in the form of a discount to our clients instead. Our vendors are recommended because of the valuable products and services they offer our clients, not because they pay us to do so.  We stand behind our recommended vendors and these vendors know that when we introduce our clients to them it is because we respect and appreciate their attention to detail, dedication, and proven outstanding performance.  In this way, DreamGroup Productions is able to build a respected and strong working relationship with its vendors.  In return, we can expect the absolute best from them time and time again.

9. Could you explain how party rentals work with DreamGroup?

The Rentals clause in our contract will only apply to those clients that are hosting their wedding at their home or other such venue whereby they do not provide the basic rentals most often included in hotels and restaurant venues (i.e. tables, chairs, etc.).

DreamGroup most often takes care of the rentals for our weddings as this is the easiest option with the only exception being if the caterer is taking care of it. Sometimes this is required by the caterer and other times it’s a choice.

DreamGroup charges a 20% handling fee which is a low markup. Most planners and catering companies mark-up rentals an additional 25%-30% above the standard prices as a service charge for taking care of all the rental headaches.

When DreamGroup is responsible for the success of an event we require that the rentals either go through us or a reputable caterer. We do this in order to ensure that the order is being managed as professionally and accurately as possible.

Please note that the Rental Mark-Up is not a “Kickback” or payment for referral, but rather a management fee standard to the industry when rentals are being managed. The Rentals clause applies only to rentals (i.e. tables, chairs, linen, dishes, etc. – a.k.a. “the bones”) and does not include other Vendors whereby payments are made direct between the client and the service provider.

The only exception to this rule is with certain decor companies that extend to us a 15% industry discount when charges are going directly through us. In this case we forward on a 10% savings to our clients, keeping 5% to cover related business expenses. In order to maintain the proper controls and accuracy with rentals DreamGroup’s rental clause cannot be amended.

10. Will the planner that is working with me throughout the planning process attend the wedding day?

Absolutely!  It is important that we be there to implement and carry out the details of the day that we have so carefully planned with you.  It’s the last piece to the puzzle.

11. What happens in the event that you become ill or cannot attend the wedding for any reason?

We are thankful that we have not yet been faced with such a situation, but we certainly have a back up plan in place should something like this ever happen.

Throughout the planning process our planners regularly share information and client details so we are all familiar with each others clients.  It is also company policy to create detailed client files that include all the pertinent timing and vendor information applicable to each client so that any DreamGroup planner can step in at any time without too much disruption.  In the event that your planner should fall ill we are able to offer our clients the peace of mind in knowing that they will be well attended to and that everything will continue as planned.

If you would like to learn more about how DreamGroup can assist you in planning your perfect wedding, please contact us to arrange a complimentary consultation…  Be sure to visit our gallery to get inspired and see what we have achieved for our past clients.

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