Politics Aside: Presidents “41” & “43” ~ The Bush Dinner

This was by far not the typical event that we are hired to do but it was one of the most incredible experiences that we have ever had.  We were brought on to create an intimate and elegant dinner party for Presidents George H.W. Bush (41),  George W. Bush (43) and their guests.

The logistics involved in bringing together this event were above and beyond anything that we had done to date; dealing with the Secret Service and requirements needed for the Presidents were unlike any of those usually required by a special event.  The week leading up to the event the Secret Service were at the venue every single day assessing entry & exit points, possible threats, reviewing every detail of our itinerary for the event, and even ensuring that the furniture we had for 41 & 43 (this is how their Secret Service detail referred to them) was sufficient.  Any windows that were exposed to potential snipers had to be covered and we even had tall barriers on the patio to cover the Presidents when they went outside.  “Thankfully” we had our own Secret Service snipers on the roof of the building during the event.

On the night of the event, when the Presidents arrived at the venue, I must admit it was pretty surreal.  Seeing these men who both had been Leaders of the United States (politics aside) was exciting.  They both came up to me and commented on how great everything looked and then proceeded on to greet their guests.  The buzz around the room was phenomenal as well.  Some of the people attending were meeting the Presidents for the first time.

As the night progressed, the guests sat down to an amazing dinner prepared by Savoury Chef and as they ate I got to listen to the banter that President George W. Bush was making at the table.  It was incredible.  He was talking about decisions he had made in the White House and the effects they had just as if he was talking about what he had done that day.  It’s not something that you get to be privy to many times in your life, if at all.

Once dinner was done it was time for the Q&A session with 41 and 43.  It was the first time that both Presidents had been together in the same room for a session like this.  And the questions from their guests weren’t what you might expect.  Someone asked 41, “What was it like when you found out that your son had just been elected President?”  And his response was “I felt a huge sense of pride and was excited for him but knew what he was about to go through”.  Another one of the guests asked 43, “How do you balance being a President and being a family man?” and he responded, “I couldn’t have done it without my wife.”  The answers that they gave made them real and authentic.

As you can see I snuck a photo of the Presidents while they were doing their Q&A session, but it was hard to get with 26 Secret Service standing around.  It was a quick snap!

This is definitely an event that goes down in the DreamGroup history books.  Our expertise in producing events, managing details and our philosophy to exceed client expectations ensured that this event (like every other) was carried out flawlessly.


Sarah Shore always knew she would be an entrepreneur.  In 2002 Sarah graduated from the University of Victoria with a Bachelor of Commerce in Business.  Sarah started a successful wedding website design company that gave her a taste for the entrepreneurial possibilities to come.
Sarah brings to the company a priceless range of cherished talents that give DreamGroup both a technical, stylish, and efficient edge.  Methodical in nature, and organized to a fault, Sarah’s composed approach to running the company and managing her accounts is always appreciated by both clients and associates alike.  Her ability to act as mediator for her clients in times of difficulty and keep her cool in times of stress are only two of Sarah’s most admirable qualities.  Her candidness and calm manner have brought for her the affectionate moniker, “No-Nonsense Shore”.


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